I’m trying to show a very small part of that life and environment with my photos and a much bigger part with the organization of tours for nature lovers, photographers, for those who seek for peace and want at least for a while be a part of the nature and admire its charm. I want to show you the light in the Namib Desert, the colours of the Kalahari Desert, the toughness of its animals, the endless horizons of the South Africa, its wild animal parks (some are the seize of Slovenia), lush vegetation and the variety of animals in Ecuador, its rain forest, Amazonia − by the Napo River and some European places such as Helgoland, Farne Islands and Bass Rock where you can find marvellous conditions for photography.
Tours are organized in cooperation with my friends in South Africa and Ecuador, local tourist organizations and on the basis of my several previous visits. Tours are foremost planned for photography enthusiasts meaning that there is enough space for taking photos from cars, it’s taken care of suitable means of transport for places with no roads or paths if you decide to go on that kind of tour, with rising early to catch the sunrise where we want to and to make the best possible use of the beautiful morning sunlight. However, we always travel by several cars and if there are any photography non-enthusiasts, they can sleep through the sunrise if they want to although it’s to stunning to miss it. The group size varies from 4 to 8 participants, which means 2 participants plus a driver per car (where this is important for taking photos from the car) but there are also other various possible options.
During some tours the participants can stay and sleep in lodges (apartments, hotels) or they can camp. The latter is much more adventurous, more in touch with the nature but also less comfortable − you can choose as you wish.
Every tour is unique, which gives us a possibility to consider some wishes or requests (for example a number of participants in closed groups, route changes − if it’s possible and sensible etc.). We can also prepare a custom-made tour. However, we only plan tours to known places because you can’t avoid unexpected events even with a carefully made plan and tours to known places, especially in Africa. At each unexpected event the natives usually say AWA meaning Afrika wins again. If you want to learn more, check out individual descriptions of photo tours.