Who doesn’t want to end a beautiful day that was spent observing animals in their natural environment during their joyful run or a run for their lives while they were being cautious, affective or hostile, by the camp fire, a barbecue dinner with a glass of wine, juice… That’s the Africa that I've been visiting for a couple of years, the Africa that have caught me seized and enslaved me with its directness and brutally sincere and cruel beauty that accompanies even completely common events.More »


Travel photography which shows the charms and beauty of the nature through a camera lens. Take a look at the photos in the gallery or on web galleries below.

foto galerije Gorazd Golob


are intended for nature lovers, photographers, for those who seek for peace and want at least for a while to be a part of the nature and admire its charms. Tours are organized in cooperation with local organizations and on the basis of my several trips.

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